Laundry Powder

Laundry Powder


Divine Gemz Washing Powder is a plant & mineral formula that really works. Free of additives and fillers, it is kind to us and to the environment. This Washing Powder is ideal for those who are sensitive to commercial washing formulas.


Directions: For best results part fill washing machine with water. Add 1 scoop of washing powder to a large container. Add 2 to 4 cups of hot water. The hot water infuses the powder causing it to suds & rise. Swirl and mix than add to washing machine. For best results wash on warm/warm hot cycle of machine.
Only 1 scoop is needed for most washers.
Laundry powder may cause colour-fast or materials to run or fade over time. Be sure to pre-test suitability of laundry powder to your application before use.


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